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All of my practices are from a place of divine guidance and light

Looking at ones perspectives and opening to new experiences of life






We have all grown up in different family systems.  It is there that we developed our patterns of relating.  Often these patterns create dysfunctional relationships.  We want to change yet don’t know how to start, where to look, what to do.


Entanglements in family dynamics can result in relationship difficulties between partners, between parents and children, and between siblings.  They can also contribute to other difficulties such as addictions, illnesses and negative repetitive patterns in our lives.  When we think psychologically we normally attribute these problems to negative attitudes from our upbringing. 

25+ years ago Bert Hellinger developed a method using constellations, to reveal hidden dynamics within the family, which he called “The Orders of Love”.  When the natural order becomes distorted by external forces such as an early death, the negative entanglements can persist for several generations.

The work with family constellations gives us the opportunity, in a powerful, safe setting, to look deeply into the entanglements of our Family of Origin as well as our family today.

Constellation work is a fabulous opportunity to deal with a variety of personal symptoms such as;

  • Repetitive relationship issues
  • Being stuck and/or not being able to move forward in life
  • Disease, illness, fatigue, pain, suffering, weight issues, trauma etc etc
  • Recurring feelings such as confusion, overwhelm and despair
  • General wellbeing and much, much more

These and many more symptoms could actually be from your family tree, carried unbeknown to you and once seen can unburden you dramatically.

Profound healing is often experienced after a constellation. (want to know what is a constellation, please go to my website www.reconnectingfamily.com.au)

To understand how this works, there are 3 main principles that govern families:

1. Belonging: Those who belong belong – so in this, no one gets excluded. With the family dynamics of today, such as blended families, divorce, death and other factors, this simple principle often causes many issues, such as a sense of disconnection etc.
2. Social Order: Those who come first come first (taking our special place, not parenting a parent – recognising we have our own place in the family, and when we live from there, we experience greater peace)
3. A balance of giving and taking: Balance sustains relationships, without the balance, symptoms such as indebtedness or feelings of lack or feeling unsupported are often felt. When we understand this dynamic, we can return to balance and get our needs met.

If any of these are out of order then we find ourselves entangled and not living the freedom or potential available to us. What many people notice is that once this work has happened, that they become more empowered in their own lives once again.



A beautiful practice involving hands on healing, Reiki is a gentle yet effective holistic practice of energy healing that is generally carried out with a client laying on a healing table or sitting on a chair.


This is considered a very therapeutic healing modality with many advantages, including stress and anxiety reduction, relief from pain and emotional hurts, relaxing and uplifting.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT is a simple and effective tool which has been designed around a process called tapping.  This technique is excellent for stress reduction, phobias and much more.


A widely used tool which can give relief in very short periods of time, EFT, once taught, can be applied at any time, anywhere.


Journeywork, Soul Retrieval, Power Animals & More


To practice shamanism is to "see with the heart," to view the world from a perspective beyond the limits of our five senses and rational mind.


Often there are preconceived ideas out there of what a Shaman is... which unfortunately can see people link their own fears of the spiritual realm to work of shamans, simply through lack of knowledge or understanding of this beautiful healing work and the misunderstandings of spirit itself.


There is the capacity for deep soul healing that is readily available to everyone through Journeywork and soul retrieval, or self empowerment through our animal helpers (power animals).   There are many healing aspects a Shaman can bring to you, including such things as teaching you your soul song, connecting deeply with mother earth or finding your way home to your soul self.   Understanding the way of the Shaman often helps one start to understand the way of the mind and the way of spirit.  Truly a healing and restorative modality.


In the Introduction in his book, The Way of The Shaman, Dr. Harner describes a shaman as follows: the keepers of a remarkable body of ancient techniques that they use to achieve and maintain well-being and healing for themselves and members of their communities shamanism is a great mental and emotional adventure, one in which the patient as well as the shaman-healer are involved. Through is heroic journey and efforts, the shaman helps his patients transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of themselves as ill. The shaman shows his patients that they are not emotionally and spiritually alone in their struggles against illness and death. The shaman shares his special powers and convinces his patients, on a deep level of consciousness, that another human being is willing to offer up his own self to help them. The shaman’s self-sacrifice calls forth a commensurate emotional commitment from his patients, a sense of obligation to struggle alongside the shaman to save one’s self. Caring and curing go hand in hand.”




Sound healings are incredibly therapeutic, allowing you to fall deeply into a relaxed state of being, while various musical experiences happen around you.

The body and soul heal through the vibration of sound based on the frequencies that are played.  One such instrument used is the Elfen Chimes (Pictured) which are tuned to particular chakras, to lift and raise their vibration and release imbalances.

Sound healings also can involve drums, wah wah pipes, flutes, voice/singing, rattles, chimes, cymbals, Tibetan bells, clap sticks, various musical pieces and much more.