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They are "Scent"sational !!!


There are many things in the world that light up my life, yet one of my most favourite are “scent”sational, holistic candles!  You see, I am an avid light creator in all sense of the word… a holistic practitioner with many healing modalities under my belt, with a divine connection, heart full of love and a desire for harmony in a world riddled with fear and pain.

This is where I discovered a hidden talent as a holistic candle maker… being able to bring together many elements in their collective form that supported and created resources for someone in their journey of awakening, in the form of beautiful holistic candles….I create specialised candles, specifically designed to lift vibration, spread light in the world, bring healing, protect, or to simply soothe the soul.   

All of my beautiful candles I make are handmade with love.  They are made from Natural Soy wax, with essential oils, cotton wicks, and where possible, organic.

I create sacred space of divine light with every batch, ensuring you get a truly beautiful candle filled with more than just great scent and environmentally friendly products.

It is a pure joy to be able to share with you my creations that have the capacity to assist you with many of life's situations, be it emotional, spiritual, physical, there is always a candle that will meet your needs.

Making a candle just for you is one of my greatest passions.  We all need that little something extra to support us at times, or a resource we can turn to for guidance and clarification... this is what personalised candles can give you. 

There are many great meditations you can do with these candles and they can assist you in a much deeper way than you realise.  We conduct guided meditation workshops for some of our healing candles, please contact me for further information.

Below are just some of my range, which I will continue to add to over time... I have made hundreds of candles for hundreds of reasons... so just because it may not be listed here, does not mean it doesn't yet exist!  So just call or email me for further details.


Oh, and PS... I do refills, discounts on larger orders and for regular customers !!!



Protection Candle -
This has now been upgraded to the Intervention Candle

This candle was designed particularly for clients having spiritual inferences, so that they could rest and have peace once again.

It connects to the Arch Angels calling upon them to assist with these energies.

It also shines great love and light into the situation, so you too may feel the capacity to release heavier energy and feel restored.

Clearing Candle

This candle was designed to help lift and clear negative, stale or stagnant energies, from not only spiritual energy but also people who are feeling negative, down or low.

It has a pleasant uplifting scent and helps brighten any area in which it is burning.

It is also like a spiritual broom and works like sage in smudging.

Love Bomb

This candle is just as it sounds, a love bomb that once lighten sets off a delightful love energy through the area it is in, bringing peaceful, harmonic squishy yummy feelings to those around this candle.

The scent is uplifting and very popular.

Not a "lovemaking" candle for lovers, that is the Aphrodite candle!

Relationship Harmony & Grief Support Candle

This candle has been designed to engage left and right brain functions to balance them out, so in cases of too much emotion, or too little, it assists in bringing these together to ensure good logic and balanced emotions play a part in communication, decisions, processing traumatic events and more.


Our beautiful goddess candle is femininity in a divine way.  It is soft, fragrantly sweet and yet has an outstanding depth, just like a goddess herself.

This candle is great for meditating with or simply a reminder of our power as a woman in all her full glory, with the softness of the nurturing touch, just as a mother can have.

Say No to Cold & Flu

Anti bacterial formula that will help clear the head, sinuses and nose when left burning for extended time, also alleviating bacteria in the air caused by the flu and cold viruses.
Best results used in small rooms or combine with tea-light and melts for larger rooms.

Sacred Space

This candle sets up sacred space to work in, and is similar to a clearing candle with the exception that it embodies the space it is in with a protective shield so that you can work deeply in meditation without the need to worry about external things.

The Love Within & Inner Child

This candle was made to assist in the meeting of our inner child with love and support and nurture, to help resolve reasons we stop going forward in life, have low self esteem, confidence issues and more.
It helps us love our inner self, wholly.

Fire in my Belly

Do you want to get motivated... get moving and doing?
Well this is the candle for you.
It helps clear the procrastination reasons and open you up to move forward once again in your life, then supports you in a divine way, ongoing.


Sweet dreams are made of this... it also assists in creating REM sleep patterns, essential for processing our daily life and "filing" it for future reference.

Without good sleep, we suffer from grogginess and so forth, so this candle promotes good sleep patterns, plus clears your bedroom from any disturbances.

Love of Gaia

Honouring our beautiful mother earth, this candle is designed for both meditation and deeper connection to our great Mother.
A warm earthy scent with undertones of bush and earth combined.
A great candle to burn in the kitchen to honour the food you are about to eat !  :-)

Chakra Candles

The Seven Major Chakra's are covered here with these candles and you can either buy them individually or in a full set.

The Earth Star and Soul Star Chakra's are also available on request.

Personalised Candles

I can make a candle to suit nearly any application.

My focus is generally on healing attributes and lifting the energy around and within you.

Please note, I only make things of the light that encompass, unconditional love, universal laws such as free will, freedom of choice and so forth.

***See testimonials for further details.

Travel Candles

These are the most handy candles to have when on the road, heading overseas, camping or simply overnight in a hotel.
I make several types of candles here, from clearing to mozzie repelling... or just a favourite scent, such as vanilla to have that touch of home with you.

Soul Soother

The soul soother is just that... a candle that sooths the soul.
Particularly helpful for those that have been on a deeply cleansing path and need to just be for a while in the processing, allowing soothing gentleness and love to radiate in their lives for a while.


We have a new range of containers that we are sure to please... from small through to extra large.  I cannot wait to fill these up for you all...  You can make both Standard and the majority of the specialty candles in each of these.

Practitioner size is Large and Extra Large.

Measurements WITHOUT lid on:

Small    8.5cm x 5.75cm              average cost $7-$9.50

Medium 11.25cm x 7.5cm           average cost $17-$22

Large  14cm x 9.5cm                  average cost $55-70

Extra Large  16.5cm x 12cm       average cost $95-120


These two sizes will prove to be winners amongst your friends and collegues, with their cute lids and attactive sizes.
Additionally things such as dried flowers and ribbons can be added to enhance their delightful charm.


These candles last a very long time and are suitable for regular users of candles who want to get the most out of their purchase.
Highly attractive containers that look great anywhere. 


These are large and extra large sized candles for practitioners wanting a long lasting candle, designed to ensure their working space stays sacred and clear.
Please email me for further details, as I am happy to also personalise your candles to meet your needs.


Here are some of our standard containers available for your 'scentsational' candle orders.  

We cater from small to extra large sizes, plus custom made candles.

If I don't have something that you like here, just ask me, as I often find one off containers that are suitable for candles in my travels.

I CAN ALSO FILL YOUR CONTAINER - Ask me for a quote.


So much to choose from...

I have styles, containers, scents, a variety of healing type candles and more to suit all tastes.

Wedding candles

I have created some lovely simple candles for a few weddings that can suit any budget.  Just call me to chat.

Display ideas

I carry a number of great extras to help with displaying your candle centrepiece, including crystals, pot pourrie and more.

Some of the Standard Scents Available....

Our promise to you, when it comes to all your candle needs, is that we will do our utmost to provide you with quality products and ingredients, great scent throw (eg, use the most amount of scent available for the candle to still burn well) and be as environmentally conscious as possible when doing so.