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Delightful Cookie Jars - Assorted Sizes



We have a new range of containers that we are sure to please... from small through to extra large.  I cannot wait to fill these up for you all....   You can make both Standard candles and the majority of the specialty candles in each of these.

Practitioner size is Large and Extra Large.

Measurements WITHOUT lids on are;

Small  8.5cm x 5.75cm   average cost $7-$9.50

Medium  11.25cm x 7.5cm   average cost $17-$30

Large  14cm x 9.5cm   average cost $55-$80

Extra Large  16.5cm x 12cm  average cost $95-$120

Please contact me to get actual costs based on scents/colour/size and postage.  Thank you.

Please contact me regarding Size, Colour, Scent & Postage on this item. Thank you.

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