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Chakra Candles - Individual


Our seven major chakras are represented here with these uniquely formulated chakra candles.  These take several days to make due to the vibrational quality of their formulas and each works with different aspects of the chakra.  Here are only some of the qualities in each of the candles:

Base/Root - Emotions, love, family, earth

Sacral - release, unhealthy connections, cord cutting, sex, water

Solar plexus - transfiguration - change and increase vibration, survival, fire

Heart - forgiveness, giving & receiving love, Air

Throat - Enlightenment, illumination, truth, free speech

3rd Eye - Creativity, perception, intuition

Crown - Harmony, oneness, divine love

Please advise location to calculate postage, thank you. Also, please advise if you require a frosted or clear container. Thank you.

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