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Hello to Future Me....

Posted by Fdmunro on June 13, 2016 at 1:00 AM

Hello Future Me....  Just thought I would let you know I am thinking about you and want you to know that I see you out there... doing what you love... having created the life you want and found the people you want to do that with....  it is nice to see me happy... Thank you for perservering during those more difficult times... my gratitude to you is endless.  I thank you.  Love the present me.

Dear readers, how odd you might think this message today... yet it is an important message for me... realising I am doing this for the future me...  sometimes the present me forgets the bigger picture... forgets that my purpose exists here and now... and in the future... everything is connected... so today I contemplate this concept... allowing the understanding of all of my life to be now... everything I am, have or will create... is in this moment... now.  Thank you universe. 

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