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Off Track? Here's some ideas...,

Posted by Fdmunro on July 14, 2015 at 12:40 AM

It is easy to become distracted, bored and complacent at times… however, we notice that when we do go off track, flow is certainly not in our lives… so maintenance is required…. I know things get a bit crazy at times… so it is a great thing to become aware of our actions and refocus ourselves back on track again.

Getting back on track consists of a few key areas…

Clearing your energy field (visualisation, meditation, oils, incense, candles, white light, etc etc)

Then check in to what attachment you have and where (who)….then releasing and clearing these.

Then checking if you are up in anyones business, and if you are, step back and leave it with them.

Then see what else is pulling you or if you can sit still - peacefully.

This is the best place to start, then develop a ritual or regular practice checking in on all that stuff.

After that, then it is self love and opening the heart, moving as your divine feminine in creative flow… play... fun....  and before you know, yes, back on track once again!

Namaste, Have a great day everyone! xx


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