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Through the Veil - From the Monad

Posted by Fdmunro on May 6, 2015 at 8:05 AM

Seekers of light... I see you, I am here waiting for you to join me in your heart and come home to your monadic state...you are already with me, yet you have forgotten how I exist within... open your hearts dear ones... for I am within.

How often do we reach into spirit to connect to "our light", yet fall short due to stories and beliefs about being good enough, worthy, ashamed etc...  so many people I have worked with have struggled at some point in making that divine opening and connection and letting light in... allowing the fullness of our monadic state to be embraced (our lightbody from creation itself).

So, let me burst this illusion of separtion for you.  Love, Light, Divine Connection exists for all of us... always... no exceptions.

Firstly, it is in EVERYTHING and is EVERYWHERE... so we dont have to push through the membrane (the veil) to connect... as it is within us, around us, part of of us always.  Secondly, we were created from this, so we are never separate to light, EVER.  And thirdly, if we struggle to meet that light aspect of divinty shining down into us, there is only a story in the way of that door opening... and that story is from a belief that serves no one... and like any belief or story, it can change in any moment and be nothing... setting you free... so you see, there is absolutely nothing in the way of being your true state of divinty.

I see you... and you are divine.  You are love.  You are soul.  You are beautiful and your light illumiates in full.  The Monad and you are inseparable.


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