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Collective messages of Love

Posted by Fdmunro on November 18, 2013 at 2:30 AM

I often take a moment to ponder life as it was, and now as it is… and yes, all those moments of indecision and difficulty were worth it... as we push through the veil of illusion and into a clearer picture of reality, life does get pretty real… but for me, showing up for it is sure worth the effort!


All is truly heartfelt and follows my vision too for the future consciousness on this planet.

I love that people are creating a space to bring like minded people together. I was feeling this only recently with some other inspirational individuals… perhaps this is part of a new shift opening in our fields right now… Where we no longer need to stand in ego, instead stand in the collective of the message itself… love. Joy. Peace. Happiness. Me likes this!


We are blessed to be part of the world through this dynamic time of shift and despite everyone’s ups and down’s, it is all a worthwhile journey.


Blessings dear ones, stay true to your path!

Namaste  :)


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