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Contemplating the "me"

Posted by Fdmunro on December 28, 2012 at 2:20 AM

I was reading a wonderful article today from http://www.wisebrain.org/ in their wise brain bulletin volumn 6.6 (12/12) - at the end of this article, there was a meditation practice about self inquiry... contemplation of who I am... the "me" in the self.  (pg 21 of 23 in the pdf article)

"getting in touch with self"    "me"   Who I am and who does that thought belong to....

Naturally, this allowed me to consider this thought and drift into the mindfulness it awakens... the mindfulness of "me".

I have to say, this was something I rarely consider... and I must conclude that it was a lovely experience to meet myself this way.

"By realising who you are, the bonds of suffering are broken"

:) enough said.  Enjoy! xx

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