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Are you of the Light?

Posted by Fdmunro on October 17, 2012 at 4:40 AM

Simple procedures for connection to higher light beings...  ask all energies that come to your space...

Are you of the light and serving the divine plan in the light?   Ask this question 3 times... if they are not, thank them for coming but ask them to kindly leave.

Ask them to "please show me your light"... and expect to have your socks knocked off when their light is shown to you...  if they aren't able to produce extraordinary amounts of light, then once again, thank them and ask them to leave.  they are not higher light beings, just spirits pretending to be or mimicking those that are.  Without that bright light and feelings of great joy and love, you are probably not speaking with who you think you are.

These two simple things will quickly sort out divine light beings versus other energies.

The third thing in this is to stay focused on what you want in that connection, do not give up, the more you focus, the more you ask, the more likely you will succeed.  It is not easy at first, it never is... yet it is well worth the effort.

And finally, when you do make this connection... open your heart to all the love from them, let it flow in and allow that abundant joy to be felt.

Many blessings dear ones!


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