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Relationship Bliss???

Posted by Fdmunro on September 18, 2012 at 4:40 AM

:) Hello once again... well I have to say, following on from my last post, the syncronicity is amazing.  The last few weeks and up until now it seems relationships, of all kinds, are on the radar to review, revise, renew, or in some cases, even move on from.  So many people seem to be experiencing big shifts and having to look deeper at what they want and no longer need... it seems a rough road for many, with moments of pure Bliss caught in the middle of it all.  So confusing, so conflicting... do I stay, do I go... so many are asking that very same question...

So I say here and now... yes, it is time to clean out the closet so to speak, time to lay all your thoughts, expectations, feelings and so forth on the line to truely discover your inner most truth of the situation you find yourselves in.  Seek that truth you are searching for, allow yourself to be true to you instead of conforming or fitting in. 

This is your life.  Yours.  Show up for it... seek your hearts desires and make them yours.  Don't settle for anything less.  The energy that is building around relationships right now is opening so many peoples eyes to all the numbness of their existance.  This is not what they signed up for, they signed up simply to live and love and play and have fun.  To create, to invest into deeper more personalised experiences.  To connect on a deeper level.  To belong.  To love.

If your relationship is falling short, have you asked yourself why?  What holds you back in enjoying it?  Now is the time it seems to simply review what is, working through the things in the way of that happiness that is yours.  For whatever reason the universe is creating a space for all of this clearing of the old, past ways that have hurt us, to a new opening of more divine connection in love, with much deeper happiness and joy.

Having similar experiences?  Want help to walk through that emotional mine field?  Then give me a call, I am here to help.  Namaste, France

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