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You Complete Me

Posted by Fdmunro on October 6, 2013 at 9:30 PM

You may not know who you are

And you may not even know me

But somewhere in the depth of time

You complete me

It was from our souls excursion

Through the night of yesterday past

We met and played and put our masks down

And simply we did laugh

You gave me something simple

That also was so grand

It was an innocent display of love

that made me take your hand

With every piece of ebb and flow

our energies together explored

somewhere in that depth of space

my soul it was restored.



- by France :)


Contemplating the "me"

Posted by Fdmunro on December 28, 2012 at 2:20 AM

I was reading a wonderful article today from http://www.wisebrain.org/ in their wise brain bulletin volumn 6.6 (12/12) - at the end of this article, there was a meditation practice about self inquiry... contemplation of who I am... the "me" in the self.  (pg 21 of 23 in the pdf article)

"getting in touch with self"    "me"   Who I am and who does that thought belong to....

Naturally, this allowed me to consider this thought and drift into the mindfulness it awakens... the mindfulness of "me".

I have to say, this was something I rarely consider... and I must conclude that it was a lovely experience to meet myself this way.

"By realising who you are, the bonds of suffering are broken"

:) enough said.  Enjoy! xx

Wisdom of the 4 winds - by Barry Brailsford

Posted by Fdmunro on October 24, 2012 at 9:45 PM

If the darkess gathers close

Fear not its shadowed hand

Walk in love to gift it peace

And weave the rainbows band

Such is enlightenment.


Emotional Freedom

Posted by Fdmunro on October 17, 2012 at 4:50 AM

The path to emotional freedom comes easy when you allow yourself to feel each of your emotions... creating flow and releasing old pent up energies and blockages.

It is a wonderful experience to cry, laugh, sing, move, dance, shout and more... it all escapes through your expression of self in this way, along with many other creative ways, such as painting and drawing, martial arts, yoga, all sorts of hobbies... the list is endless.

As each part of you gets expressed, it eases to a place of deep peacefulness... and eventually becomes so restful it has no real needs anymore... and from here, freedom is deeply felt and expressed.  The soul takes a deep breath and simply relaxs.

So, the question I pose to you today is... have you let out your true feelings and emotions... or are you still caging these inside... what would help you let go and become freer?  :)

Lots of love,

France xx

Are you of the Light?

Posted by Fdmunro on October 17, 2012 at 4:40 AM

Simple procedures for connection to higher light beings...  ask all energies that come to your space...

Are you of the light and serving the divine plan in the light?   Ask this question 3 times... if they are not, thank them for coming but ask them to kindly leave.

Ask them to "please show me your light"... and expect to have your socks knocked off when their light is shown to you...  if they aren't able to produce extraordinary amounts of light, then once again, thank them and ask them to leave.  they are not higher light beings, just spirits pretending to be or mimicking those that are.  Without that bright light and feelings of great joy and love, you are probably not speaking with who you think you are.

These two simple things will quickly sort out divine light beings versus other energies.

The third thing in this is to stay focused on what you want in that connection, do not give up, the more you focus, the more you ask, the more likely you will succeed.  It is not easy at first, it never is... yet it is well worth the effort.

And finally, when you do make this connection... open your heart to all the love from them, let it flow in and allow that abundant joy to be felt.

Many blessings dear ones!


Be Present in your life... no longer only an observer

Posted by Fdmunro on October 17, 2012 at 4:35 AM

Ahhh, being present in life... sounds simple doesn't it... well usually it can be when things are going great, however, when things get a little tough, it is so much easier to sit on the outside of your life, looking in, as an observer, and not make deeper connections to the physical nature of our earthly experiences.

Yes, on some level it stops us feeling all sorts of things, but on another level... well, we miss out on experiencing life... all of life... the good, the bad, the downright ugly, and the exquisite!  We miss the point of being here!!!!!

Simply experience yourself in your body.  Feel your way through your day.  Notice how this feels, even how foreign it may feel at times... but just notice how much more you participate in actual life... rather than just watch it go by.  Feels good aye!

Do you want to connect... do you want to feel others... do you want to be felt?  Well then, get on down in that beautiful physical body of yours and start having some earthly experiences!  WAHOO!  Enjoy the ride! xxx

The mirror of life.... thank you

Posted by Fdmunro on October 17, 2012 at 4:25 AM

Hello beautiful ones!  How delightful to share this with you all once again... a joy I cannot explain.

You see, as my own journey unravels, many of those that come to see me remind me of some simple truths about life, and of course theirs... it is such a wonderful mirror that I cannot help but be excited by its existence...  so I am going to post several articles shortly relating to some of those experiences, but firstly, I would just like to say that whatever our day takes us too, whether it be a gentle reminder or a slam dunk of downright in your face messages... what we have to remember is at one level, somewhere within our soul, we needed to know that... and most likely asked to know that, so we can view these things and make changes to what is uncomfortable and so forth.

So, being a mirror to everyone and everyone to me is so wonderful... I see all that I am through my own eyes, yet on anothers face or actions... so much joy comes with all the goodness, and much understanding comes with the more difficult elements of self.... either way I win, as I either get reflected positive things, or reflected my path to freedom from the things I do not like.  :)  So here I would just like to say one big THANK YOU everyone for being such a reflective part of me, and I hope that as I reflect back the beautiful you, you too can find true happiness in that.

JOY!  :)

Inner Child

Posted by Fdmunro on September 18, 2012 at 4:55 AM

:P  Inner child is another recent theme over this time... so I felt just a reminder to everyone out there, when was the last time you really had fun, played, laughed, did handstands???  Support your inner child, hug them, love them, play and spend time with them.

So many of our emotional baggage comes from our earlier childhood, so needless to say, to help support ourselves as adults, we need to support ourselves as children too.  There are many ways in which one can do this... yet the first is very simple... start a dialogue with this part of you and simply ask, what is it you need dear little one?  Mostly, the answer is simple... love.  Just love, with some hugs and nurture.  Start there and I am sure you are off to a great start in supporting yourself.

;)  lots of love, France

Relationship Bliss???

Posted by Fdmunro on September 18, 2012 at 4:40 AM

:) Hello once again... well I have to say, following on from my last post, the syncronicity is amazing.  The last few weeks and up until now it seems relationships, of all kinds, are on the radar to review, revise, renew, or in some cases, even move on from.  So many people seem to be experiencing big shifts and having to look deeper at what they want and no longer need... it seems a rough road for many, with moments of pure Bliss caught in the middle of it all.  So confusing, so conflicting... do I stay, do I go... so many are asking that very same question...

So I say here and now... yes, it is time to clean out the closet so to speak, time to lay all your thoughts, expectations, feelings and so forth on the line to truely discover your inner most truth of the situation you find yourselves in.  Seek that truth you are searching for, allow yourself to be true to you instead of conforming or fitting in. 

This is your life.  Yours.  Show up for it... seek your hearts desires and make them yours.  Don't settle for anything less.  The energy that is building around relationships right now is opening so many peoples eyes to all the numbness of their existance.  This is not what they signed up for, they signed up simply to live and love and play and have fun.  To create, to invest into deeper more personalised experiences.  To connect on a deeper level.  To belong.  To love.

If your relationship is falling short, have you asked yourself why?  What holds you back in enjoying it?  Now is the time it seems to simply review what is, working through the things in the way of that happiness that is yours.  For whatever reason the universe is creating a space for all of this clearing of the old, past ways that have hurt us, to a new opening of more divine connection in love, with much deeper happiness and joy.

Having similar experiences?  Want help to walk through that emotional mine field?  Then give me a call, I am here to help.  Namaste, France

LOVE sync... are you on the same wave?

Posted by Fdmunro on August 28, 2012 at 7:40 AM

LOVE has been the theme of the last few weeks it seems... everyone seemed to be sharing thingss about it again... I am always amazed how in tune the world really is with itself... it is like the wave being felt everywhere, all on the same wavelengths... all experiencing different versions of the same messages... just brilliant to witness such divine essence in flow around us all...  I wonder how many other notice the changing of the themes from week to week... how often we are all in Sync, without really noticing...  the messages come in the flow... and then a new theme forms...a new wave forms as the other ebbs and it starts all over again... isn't it great!  It is the syncronicity that I love the most... it really reinforces so many of our messages to each other.  :)

As I notice once again the divine waves flowing around us... I ponder what next collective messages will be all about beautiful ones? Don't you?