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Its all about Love

Posted by Fdmunro on March 16, 2018 at 12:20 AM

It has always been about love... everything... why we do what we do... who we do it for... what we are seeking... what we run away from... somewhere it is under all things.

So, why not just let love shine in.

Ahhh, the risks to feel it all... it means it is real and in that, it reflects our stories that keep us from being real too.  

Today, love fully.  Today, receive fully.  Today, laugh fully.  Today, let love flow.

The universe is waiting for you to let go.

Namaste xx

Opening Doors can be scary

Posted by Fdmunro on September 19, 2017 at 12:40 AM

Spirituality can be a painful business, especially when opening doors to deeper parts of yourself.  I liken it to getting a tattoo... once that door is open, there is no going back to the ignorance, and thus, choosing a tattoo, it is there for life... no longer able to ignore it.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing.  Understanding why we are as we are, and why we turned out the way we did is great.  However, for some, reality is hard to cope with, simply because so many coping strategies have been put into place.  The sad fact is though, that at some point, we all wake up... and many chose to dull this reality to sleep with drugs, alcohol and other addictions to distract us from the truth.

It can be a bumpy ride at first when we dont understand what is happening.  To keep faith and trust in the process takes some work.

The only way really is through it all... yet we can eliminate much stress and anxiety by letting go of residual business of others around us, just focus on ourselves for a while.

We are greatly resourced to do this if we really listen inside.  Simple practices of mind, body, soul alignment, adult leading our life and not child self (often wounded child I might add)... ancestors who support us... friends, family, pets, environments the list is endless.

What we have to remember is that the more we push to open a door to our inner world, the more we learn about the workings of our world.  Our greater awareness brings us to needing to take responsibility of our choices and actions in life.  For most, this is the hard part, as it is so easy to blame others for our misfortunes and bothers.  Co-creation is actually the truth.  We had some say in it somewhere along the line... even if this makes no sense in the current point of your existence.

Once we are aware of what is happening, we are opening that door to deeper work.  To take responsibility is the next step.  Then do something about it, work through the elements of it and bring it back to peace... here is the real work in progress.

Most get stuck in the patterns of external blame and diversion away from themselves.  They fill up their days with unnecessary things and make no time to see the truth.

The pain of truth is also the salvation we are seeking.  Once we get out of the cycle and understand there is a place of freedom that comes from this work, we find an eagerness to continue with it.  

It takes guts, determination, action, bravery and SUPPORT to move through it.  It can be done.  For Everyone.  I am living proof of it.

Have a great day.

Namaste & Thank you.

Are you Interested or Committed?

Posted by Fdmunro on June 13, 2016 at 1:10 AM

Asking this simple question might be the first insight to achieving success...

Are you interested, or Committed???

You see, being interested might not be enough to stay focused, driven or engaged... it is something that can be chosen on and off... interested also has degrees of interest... mildly interested to really interested...  ask yourself is being interested enough to really push through all the diversions and destractions of life???  Could interest wain?

Whereas committed... this is  a whole other level... committed is I will do this fully and with gusto... as this is definately what I want... it is a declaration to saying YES fully to what you want.  There is no other question in this.  It is simple and it is YES, this is what I am committed to doing.

So, if you are struggling with a project, or whatever really.... ask yourself this question... are you just interested, or are you committed?

You are more likely to work harder at something you are committed to.

Dream big peeps... and remember to commit to yourself... know YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Make all your dreams a reality.


Hello to Future Me....

Posted by Fdmunro on June 13, 2016 at 1:00 AM

Hello Future Me....  Just thought I would let you know I am thinking about you and want you to know that I see you out there... doing what you love... having created the life you want and found the people you want to do that with....  it is nice to see me happy... Thank you for perservering during those more difficult times... my gratitude to you is endless.  I thank you.  Love the present me.

Dear readers, how odd you might think this message today... yet it is an important message for me... realising I am doing this for the future me...  sometimes the present me forgets the bigger picture... forgets that my purpose exists here and now... and in the future... everything is connected... so today I contemplate this concept... allowing the understanding of all of my life to be now... everything I am, have or will create... is in this moment... now.  Thank you universe. 

Off Track? Here's some ideas...,

Posted by Fdmunro on July 14, 2015 at 12:40 AM

It is easy to become distracted, bored and complacent at times… however, we notice that when we do go off track, flow is certainly not in our lives… so maintenance is required…. I know things get a bit crazy at times… so it is a great thing to become aware of our actions and refocus ourselves back on track again.

Getting back on track consists of a few key areas…

Clearing your energy field (visualisation, meditation, oils, incense, candles, white light, etc etc)

Then check in to what attachment you have and where (who)….then releasing and clearing these.

Then checking if you are up in anyones business, and if you are, step back and leave it with them.

Then see what else is pulling you or if you can sit still - peacefully.

This is the best place to start, then develop a ritual or regular practice checking in on all that stuff.

After that, then it is self love and opening the heart, moving as your divine feminine in creative flow… play... fun....  and before you know, yes, back on track once again!

Namaste, Have a great day everyone! xx


Through the Veil - From the Monad

Posted by Fdmunro on May 6, 2015 at 8:05 AM

Seekers of light... I see you, I am here waiting for you to join me in your heart and come home to your monadic state...you are already with me, yet you have forgotten how I exist within... open your hearts dear ones... for I am within.

How often do we reach into spirit to connect to "our light", yet fall short due to stories and beliefs about being good enough, worthy, ashamed etc...  so many people I have worked with have struggled at some point in making that divine opening and connection and letting light in... allowing the fullness of our monadic state to be embraced (our lightbody from creation itself).

So, let me burst this illusion of separtion for you.  Love, Light, Divine Connection exists for all of us... always... no exceptions.

Firstly, it is in EVERYTHING and is EVERYWHERE... so we dont have to push through the membrane (the veil) to connect... as it is within us, around us, part of of us always.  Secondly, we were created from this, so we are never separate to light, EVER.  And thirdly, if we struggle to meet that light aspect of divinty shining down into us, there is only a story in the way of that door opening... and that story is from a belief that serves no one... and like any belief or story, it can change in any moment and be nothing... setting you free... so you see, there is absolutely nothing in the way of being your true state of divinty.

I see you... and you are divine.  You are love.  You are soul.  You are beautiful and your light illumiates in full.  The Monad and you are inseparable.


Where do you focus from?

Posted by Fdmunro on April 19, 2015 at 5:55 AM


You can look at life through all the cruel moments and have that in the situation that governs you and live by those cruel moments, believing all that you see and do in those to be true, OR, you can recognise that it is just one small part of a bigger picture and that there are grand moments also available to you and one can focus where that is.

Through what lens do you choose to look at life?  how would it be without that lens?  How then would you percieve your life to be?


Afraid of love???

Posted by Fdmunro on February 3, 2014 at 11:05 PM

Our greatest fears in love, other than loss is actually the fear of being loved back… we fear rejection at the core of our being… that to put ourselves into that place takes our power away (in mind only)… that the value of love to ourselves is only seen through another loving us that deeply. This of course is a lovely illusion… only we can love ourselves that deeply, deeply enough to let them in in the first place. :D


So to fear love is to really fear self love… and since we have the power to control that, what are we really afraid of?



Collective messages of Love

Posted by Fdmunro on November 18, 2013 at 2:30 AM

I often take a moment to ponder life as it was, and now as it is… and yes, all those moments of indecision and difficulty were worth it... as we push through the veil of illusion and into a clearer picture of reality, life does get pretty real… but for me, showing up for it is sure worth the effort!


All is truly heartfelt and follows my vision too for the future consciousness on this planet.

I love that people are creating a space to bring like minded people together. I was feeling this only recently with some other inspirational individuals… perhaps this is part of a new shift opening in our fields right now… Where we no longer need to stand in ego, instead stand in the collective of the message itself… love. Joy. Peace. Happiness. Me likes this!


We are blessed to be part of the world through this dynamic time of shift and despite everyone’s ups and down’s, it is all a worthwhile journey.


Blessings dear ones, stay true to your path!

Namaste  :)


Angelic Helpers we Thank Thee

Posted by Fdmunro on October 25, 2013 at 3:45 AM

Angels of Light

Holding this space so right

I feel such deep love

and adore

Your depth and capacity to restore

I thank you!


:) FM