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Tamborine, QLD

My awakening...

Today, I opened my eyes and life just made sense again... all the pain I had seemed to have migrated away to an old land, no longer my place of being.  

Happiness awoke in my heart for the first time in years...

and I remembered why...

I had finally given myself the time to heal my wounds and discover the real me... I had finally given back to myself... I finally allowed myself to love me for me... whatever that meant... I woke up today and found happiness, with me right there wrapped up within it... today, I opened my eyes and was grateful to be here.

:) France

Where it all began....

There are many things in the world that light up my life, yet one of my most favourite are “scent”sational, holistic candles!  You see, I am an avid light creator in all sense of the word… a holistic practitioner with many healing modalities under my belt, with a divine connection, heart full of love and a desire for harmony in a world riddled with fear and pain.

This is where I discovered a hidden talent as a holistic candle maker… being able to bring together many elements in their collective form that supported and created resources for someone in their journey of awakening, in the form of beautiful holistic candles….and from this understanding that is where Healing Wings of Light was founded.

Meeting ones soul in the depth of who they are, is truly humbling work.  I am always so very grateful for the opportunity to share the opening to one’s authentic self through the healing modalities in which I practice, with a deep connection to a soul’s movement, I have discovered ways in which to bring about support, resources and much more to encourage, uplift and strengthen them in their return home to themselves through this work.

One such way is the creation of specialised candles, specifically designed to lift vibration, spread light in the world, bring healing, protect, or to simply soothe the soul.   This is a deeply rewarding part of my life and one that has brought great peace to all that enjoy them.

This self-discovery came out of my own undertaking of a deep healing journey over many years of my life, finding what true happiness is all about, along with living an authentic life.  Along the way I discovered some very simple truths about life that allowed me to live closer to my heart. 

There are so many elements to our life, which is why everything we do needs to be holistic, bringing all of those parts together.  However, it is the most simplest of things that can make all the difference, such as living from your heart, in the true nature of how you feel, rather than what you think.  Trusting your own instincts.  Recognising many beliefs you grew up with are choices only, not gospel, so within your own free will you may change whatever doesn’t fit you anymore.  Moving through life with a mindfulness of actions and reactions, energy flowing into energy, understanding that what we think and do, creates…  And simply saying YES to yourself rather than all the NO’s can really make a difference too.

Out of an awareness, when we take responsibility for our actions & reactions, we become more in tune with our deeper nature, and learn to not only accept that part of us, but learn to love what is… finding a deeper sense of peace and belonging starts to form deep within you.  You see, we have to belong to ourselves first, connect here, before we really can develop deeper bonds outside ourselves that are wholesome and good.

The journey with my candles came out of this awakening, finding I needed higher and higher frequency tools to work with in my practice and to support many of my clients along their journey, which gave birth to the idea that perhaps making these candles available publically was beneficial to the work in which they support, so I now balance the art of candle-making with my healing practice in Tamborine, QLD.

My love for this work is deeply clear. 


With much love & many blessings to you all,